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Academic Team

We welcome you to join us in our journey of involved learning, where each child will be guided to steer the way to his or her own all-round development and excellence. In today's fast-paced world, where knowledge and information are developing rapidly, The Indo American Montessori Pre-School primarily aims to ensure that every student becomes a lifelong learner. We teach the child to always be ready and willing to take on new challenges, to open their minds to new ideas, to rethink their solutions to fit the changing scenarios.

We may have started small but, our goals are big. The small class size ensures active and focused learning, giving the teachers the opportunity to gain insights into each child's individual development. Our academic curriculum is designed to help every child to exceed their potential by igniting the curiosity in their minds and guiding them to seek their own answers, developing new skills and sharpening existing ones along the way.

As today's generation is totally different from our generation in almost every perspective and with the competencies required in the world, the school needs to stay abreast of this transformation and prepare students for new realities. Whether its school life, extracurricular activities, educational trips or academic activities, our students are encouraged to live their school experience and to actively participate in their own development and growth. We wish our student a very happy school life and may they come out with flying colors making us proud.